Monti Meeting Happenings
August 9              6:30pm            River Edge Restaurant
Call to Order
President John Greenbaum called the meeting to order at 6:35pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and The Rotary Four Way Test.  He then welcomed all members and introduced guests.
Committee Reports
Monster Run – Les Kristt
Les reported that this year's Monster Run was a huge financial success.  He thanked everyone for their work and support.  We had 250+ runners and volunteers helping us reach our goal.  
Orshii shared how moving it was when a hush came across the crowd preparing to run as they heard the National Anthem sung by fellow Rotarian Lori Orestano-James. 
He said he was proud of the efforts of all and thanked everyone for making this the best year ever. 
See Pictures from meetings and race in this bulletin
Student Exchange Program – Helen Diehl
Helen updated the club on the progress of our Student Exchange Student from France. Tentative Youth Exchange Weekend will be April 21-23, 2017
Friendship Friday - Barbara Carr
Barbara reported that we had two potential new members attend the Friendship  Friday on August 5, 2016 at 5:30pm at the  River Edge Restaurant.  PDG Nick Constantiino joined us as we shared what we do in our communities with those wishing to learn more about our organization. 
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Orshii Boldis
This is a friendly reminder that dues are due!!!!$$$$!!!!!
Youth Exchange Weekend/Student - Helen Deihl
Helen reported that we have 2 host families for our Exchange Student from France.  In addition to seeking out one additional family, we are in need of changing our Exchange Student Weekend event due to a calendar conflict.  Helen will follow up and report more information at a future meeting.  If you are wiling or know of a host family, please contact Helen directly. 
What’s Coming Up
Next Meeting:NO MEETING on Tuesday
Rotary District Meeting Hanofee Park Wednesday Night
Guest Speaker Overview
Guest Speaker: 
Happy Dollars: Happy Dollars were given by those in attendance for the following:
Thanks forGood Dialogue regarding meeting locations
Thanks for the fellowship of our club
Great Work for the Monster
Great job by Lori James on the  Montigram
Good luck on the Monster Run
For Irving Kaplan being here at the meeting
Janet Kaplan’s daughter got marriage
Orshii Boldis for planning of the Monster
Jacob Lerner on the Monster
Rick Stein on the Monster
Helen for her committment to the Youth Exchange Weekend and Exchange Student Program
Allie Linen thank you note
Barbara Carr for being brave in quitting her job
Sad dollar for Doug because Barbara quit her job
Everyone in the room who worked on the Monster Run
Help for the work on the Monster Run
A lot to watch in the next 100 Days (political scene)
Monster Both Les and Orshii and all for stepping up
Doc Stein Itinerary 
Preparation and those   who are actively  working to make the race the success
Phil Ginsberg – Fixed our blow up sign thank you
We’re In The Money
50/50 Winner: Richard Rubin
Meeting Ajourned: 8:05pm