Learning Lots - Guest Speaker's Corner
We were so pleased to have Catskill Regional Medical Center CEO Jonathan Schiller speak to the Monticello Rotary Club at our meeting last week.  He shared with those present that CRMC takes a strong stance on the concept that "Wellness Starts At Home."  To that end, there are many positive happenings occurring at our community hospital.  
Mr. Schiller shared the work that the hospital is doing with Catholic Charities to help stop the opioid epidemic happening in our community.  He stressed that it has to be more than just Narcan training telling the club of the need for communicating with our children and parents.  We must develop the appropriate dialoge to ensure that our kids stay safe and have an understanding of the destruction of this horrible condition.  
In addition, Mr. Schiller spoke about the philanthropy within CRMC including The Annual Heat-a-thon, Golf Outing and RISE Walk a Mile event.  We heard about the new CT Imagining machine which will allow state of the art medical testing in our own back yard. The hospital was just awarded the American Heart Association Stroke Gold Plus Award for its service/response to stroke patients and the new Urgent Care just treated its 10,000 patient in the first year it has been open, 
We have so much to be grateful for in our community and CRMC is one such "jem" in our community.  Thanks for all of the information and keep up the great work! 
CRMC CEO Jonathon Schiller shares the good happenings at the hospital with Monticello Rotary Club
Monticello Rotary President Lori Orestano-James introduces the CEO of CRMC Jonathan Schiller.
Monticello Rotary Members listen closely to Catskill Regional Medical Center CEO Jonathan Schiller about the great things happening at our hospital. 
Monticello Rotary President Lori Orestano-James with CRMC CEO Jonathan Schiller.