Albee Bockman, Founder and President of Mobilemedic was our guest speaker.
Albee represents the story of “local boy gives back to his community;” as he proceeded to describe his own experiences as a resident of Hurleyville, growing up in an apartment above his family’s business, Bockman Pharmacy; as a veteran of the United States Air Force and how, at the age of 40, he was inspired to change careers, this inspiration coming as a result of watching the TV program, “Emergency.”
Enrolling in the Nyack School of Paramedicine, Albee became a NYS certified paramedic.  He recognized the critical need for paramedical services in Sullivan County and proceeded to set up Mobilemedic in November, 1993.
With one ambulance to start, Mobilemedic soon grew into what it is today, some 74 employees, 14 ambulances (which were described as “mobile emergency rooms”) servicing all of Sullivan County with “highly trained and qualified paramedical care.”  Albee explained the difference between “Basic EMT” and “paramedicine” emphasizing the essential importance of having both levels of service and exactly how paramedicine has evolved into an important profession.
Mobilemedic transports patients to medical facilities out of Sullivan County this in light of new changes that include the relinquishing of certain critical care services by Garnet Catskills in Harris to other facilities most notable Garnet Middletown. 
The strain to keep up with the need for critical care paramedical services in Sullivan County was part of the decision considered when Albee made the decision to join with Empress, a major medical transport services corporation; a merger that has just been finalized the day of the Monticello Rotary Club Meeting.  This important merger will expand the services that Mobilemedic provides (Albee made it crystal clear that the first priority is to provide these services to Sullivan County; this as a condition of the merger going forward).
The relationships that Mobilemedic has established with Hatzalah and the volunteer ambulance corps that provide essential services to many municipalities will be significantly strengthened as a result of the merger.
Albee indicated that EMS is NOT considered an essential service by New York State (eliciting a chorus of gasps); he further stated that the services that Mobilemedic provides are of zero cost to taxpayers.”
As the specifics of the merger are publicized, the expanded services and more rapid response times will be shared.
An outstanding presentation providing critical information to all in the audience.