On march 29, 2016 we had the pleasure of a presentation from the The Monticello High School Academy of Finance, which included Advisor Susan Bahrenburg and three seniors Ryan Katz & Cammeron Depuy Co-Treasures and Jaclyn Sorensen, co president

The Monticello High School Academy of Finance (AOF) is now a four-year program. Students are now able to take classes in their freshman year. Students are selected through an application process: Teacher and guidance counselor recommendations are required. Grades, attendance and discipline records will be checked. Eleventh and Twelfth grade students can take College level Accounting.

This program is a member program of the National Academy Foundation, which was founded in New York City by a partnership of schools and the financial services industry. There are over 600 Academy programs in the United States.

The Academy works with local businesses and both education and government leaders to design and offer financial education opportunities for Monticello High School students. This includes a comprehensive summer internship program.

The students have been helping community members complete their taxes for free. They have helped over 120 people so far with 3 weeks still to come.

At the end of 11th grade students are set up with a summer internship where they learn about many aspects of the business they are interning with.

This year the AOF students will host the inaugural community wide My School Color Run on Sunday, May 22, from 8:45 a.m. – 1 p.m, to help raise money for AOF scholarship funds.

My School Color Run is an untimed 5-kilometer fun run for all ages that ends in a joyous blast of color. Participants will receive a t-shirt, sunglasses, a color pack and admittance to the after-party.Along the route, groups of students will be showering participants with colored powder at four checkpoints, making it a “colorful experience.” The color will wash off easily and will not stain clothes. The color is created from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved food dye (red, blue, yellow, and green), mixed with water and sprayed through a 1-gallon sprayer.

Additionally, each participant will be provided with a single powder color packet that will be thrown in the air at the final color celebration at the end of the finish line. This color, also approved by the FDA, is made from food grade cornstarch. Participants with asthma or ‘dust’ allergies should remain away from the powder area. Sunglasses will be provided to all participants and must be worn during the run.

Following the run, participants are encouraged to stay for the AOF’s Color Celebration Barbecue which will feature a live DJ, refreshments and several vendor booths. For more information contact Rebecca Bass or Jaclynn Sorensen at Monticelloaof@gmail.com